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Kajabi Website Template

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Kajabi Website Template

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What is the Template studio?

Cassia and I started building websites for digital courses in Kajabi over 6 years ago. Piggybacking off of our 25+ years of education platform design, graphic design, marketing and strategy we built a successful company helping others bring their curriculum to the masses.

We often met people coming into the digital education space with no money to hire freelancers or companies like ours to build their sites but they had the most amazing product that needed to be on the market.

So out of our desire to help and create a budget friendly product we built The Template Studio!

I love budgeting! Honestly it’s my favorite thing to do, but I also like a nice design and more importantly an amazing design that also sells!

We believe everyone should have a chance to have a beautiful website and product they are proud of! With The Template Studio that is now possible.

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